An Emo Deer

As I’ve told you, we have a mini-Maria on our hands around here. E. is completely obsessed with The Sound of Music. The day I got her the DVD may have been the happiest day of her life so far.

Sound of MusicEver since we got it, she’s been singing the songs over and over. She watches all of the scenes with the von Trapp children closely to try and learn all the moves. Since the movie is 3 hours long, she only gets to watch it on weekends (usually over several viewings). Luckily for me, a certain captain is easy on the eyes.

Seriously, when that man strums “Edelweiss,” he makes me want to send that nun back to the abbey. Fun fact: when I got my first cell phone in 1999, my ringtone was “Edelweiss.” After awhile, my roommates and I simply referred to the phone itself as Edelweiss (i.e. “Has anyone seen Edelweiss?”).

So, I guess like mother, like daughter.

But mostly E is obsessed with Maria. Maria, Maria, Maria is all we hear about around here. “Mommy, do you think Maria would like this dress?” “Mommy, can I sing a song for Maria?”

As E. plays with her toys or when she’s in bed at night, she’s constantly singing “So Long, Farewell” or “Favorite Things,” — or at least her version of the songs.

But the song she sings over and over (and over) again is Do-Re-Mi. I tried once before to tape her singing it but she clammed up. But tonight when I picked her up for school, she went on a marathon never-ending loop of singing it. As soon as I pulled into the driveway, I whipped out my camera and got her to sing one more time. She was on a roll …

Yes, you heard her right. She refuses to believe that the first line is anything but “Do, a deer, an emo deer.”

(image source)

I thought we were years from her emo stage. Guess not.

It’s actually her funniest song lyrics mix-up since she used to think “Row Your Boat” was about Mary (you know, “Mary, Mary, Mary, life is but a dream”).

So what do you think? Is she ready for Idol? If nothing else, she’s certainly ready for Octoberfest.

Tiki toki, tiki toki, hoy, hoy, hoy!

Or, we recently discovered that the von Trapp children have a lodge in Stowe, Vermont! We’re already fantasizing about a trip north next summer. Think they’re looking for a toddler to lead the singing classes?

And, of course, as soon as I stopped recording her mini-concert, guess what were the first words out of her mouth — “Mommy, I have a great idea. You can send that to Maria. She’ll love it.”

How do I solve a problem like Maria?


  1. says

    LOL – an emo deer. Maybe that made me giggle out loud. Are you happy now?

    I remember my mom taking me to see Sound of Music at the theatre. If that thing is ever re-released, E is goign to be allll over that.

    • says

      Yes, I am happy. And I’m also happy that perhaps, just perhaps, the rest of you will get the song stuck on a loop inside your heads, too. It’s been a nonstop von Trapp family concert in my brain for weeks! Thankfully I adore the movie too … but in moderation.

  2. ali says

    that is really cute – and I think it’s great when they are that young and can learn more complicated songs than the nursery rhymes. sign of a smart kid!

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