We Dyed Eggs … Now What?

by MomJovi on April 3, 2012

Every day last week, E. asked if we could dye Easter eggs. But frankly, there wasn’t a spare moment to fit it in.

Well, this week, we finally got around to it. This year, I decided to go old school — the Paas all-in-one kit, please. I know, I know. With so many great ideas out there on Pinterest, surely I could do better. But no, I can’t.

Easter Eggs

Seeing this picture totally give me an inspired idea — let’s start an Easter egg dye pong team. Instead of beer, we toss ping-pong balls into a concoction of food dye and vodka. I’m pretty sure this could be the greatest game ever. The ping pong balls even look like eggs. Someone start this league IMMEDIATELY, then send me the royalties.

But back to the task at hand. This one didn’t seem to care about her mother’s lackluster effort. She just wanted to color some eggs.

Easter eggs

She took her job very seriously.

Easter eggs

Easter eggs

We tried to use the Magic Crayon. It wasn’t very magical. But the glitter was a big hit. BIG hit. And when she was done, she had messy egg-dye stained hands, which thrilled her (I promise, I let her do crafts … sometimes).

Easter Eggs

I had one fantastic egg fail. I try to make a Syracuse egg every year — orange and blue. For some reason, this year, I dyed the whole egg orange first, then tried dipping half of it into blue. It resulted in brown. That pretty much is a symbol for Syracuse’s NCAA tournament — they laid a rotten, stinking, shit-colored egg.

Easter Eggs

And the rest of them? Well, I dare you to pin this picture.

Easter eggs

The only thing that matters is that E. loves them, every last ugly one of them. And yes, how rude of you to notice that there are only 10 eggs in that dozen container. What was I going to do, NOT make an egg salad sandwich for lunch when I had a fresh batch of hard-boiled eggs just begging to be eaten?

But now I don’t know what to do with them. For now, they’re back in the fridge. What do you do with dyed eggs? Leave them out in the basket? Does the Easter Bunny put them into the basket when he hops through here on Saturday night? Do we put them in the basket before he comes? How can I not know the answer to this? Is it in the New Testament?

Someone tell me how to create some kick-ass traditions. I’ve already failed to produce some tradition-worthy eggs. The least I can do is to know what to do with them.

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