The Waiting Game

I used to be the first person to know about every new show. I knew who was starring in it, the premise of the show, who the writers were (and what their previous shows were) and whether it was DVR-worthy.

And then I had a kid.

Ever since then, I’ve been playing catch-up on shows. It’s actually a little ironic. I’ve been home a lot more in the past four years than the previous 30 years (give or take) yet I have less time than ever to watch TV. I tried to keep up with shows for awhile but then I kept getting stressed by a nearly full DVR.

So I cut back on shows and started relying more upon Netflix to help feed my TV addiction.

But Netflix is really letting me down lately. It’s more my fault than Netflix’s, but I’m still pissed. I hate waiting.

Here are three shows I’m desperately waiting to catch up on:

Breaking Bad

I love, love, love this show, and do you know how freaking hard it’s been to avoid spoilers about Season 4?? We tore through three seasons, and now we just keep waiting. And waiting. And waiting. I need Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in my life like the junkies of Albuquerque need their blue meth.

And every time I see poor Jesse’s late crack ho girlfriend in those “Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23” ads, it makes me all the more anxious to get my hands on some “Breaking Bad” episodes.

Apparently I need to wait until it’s nearly time for the Season 5 premiere for the Season 4 episodes to be released on DVD/Netflix. Anyone have a bootleg copy they can get me?

Parks and Rec

I’ve already blogged about my love of Leslie Knope and Parks and Rec. But I’ve finally finished Season 3, and now my addiction has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to one man:

Parks and Rec, Ben

I’ve fallen hard for Adam Scott. I guess, more specifically, it’s for Ben, but Adam isn’t bad himself. He’s even made a guest appearance or two in some of my dreams. Don’t worry — I already told DadJovi and he thought it was so ridiculous that he wasn’t threatened. So rude!

Plus, I thought I loved Rob Lowe on “Brothers and Sisters,” but his portrayal of Chris Traeger is LITERALLY my favorite Rob Lowe role since “St. Elmo’s Fire.”

I know I could just start watching the current season on NBC but I hate watching things out of order. I’m going to try and figure out if they rerun them in order over the summer. I also know that I can watch them all on Hulu but I don’t really feel like sitting at my laptop to watch them. I think I’m going to bite the bullet this summer and pay for a one-month subscription to Hulu Plus since we get it through our Blu-Ray player, just so I don’t have to wait so long! But that means I’ll be paying for cable, Netflix On-Demand and Hulu Plus all at the same time. Who knew TV watching was such an expensive addiction?

Somehow this is Jerry’s fault.

Downton Abbey

OK, Internet, you win. I finally caved and started watching “Downton Abbey” since it was so universally praised, and wow. Again, I think I’ve proven by my two examples before that I really need to pay attention to the hype more often. I’m only three episodes into Season 1 but already, I am hooked and my Anglophilia is once again rearing its proper, dignified head (I did spend a semester in London after all).

But I am already stressing about finishing this season (it’s short) and trying to figure out how I’m going to watch season 2. I’ve been unable to find any Netflix release plans, and it’s no longer available on my cable company’s On-Demand channels. I’ve found the Season 2 DVD on the PBS website but it’s selling for $30. Thanks but no thanks. Any ideas?

So, before I find myself in this predicament in the future, tell me some shows I SHOULD be watching. I’ve been meaning to catch “Awake.” Has anyone else watched it?

Or, better yet, name an entire series available on Netflix!

And yes, I’ve seen every episode of “The Wire.” I still think it’s the greatest show that’s ever been on TV. So if you haven’t watched it yet, start watching!

“Game of Thrones” is about the only drama I’m watching on TV right now. I’m all caught up on “Dexter,” “True Blood” and “The Walking Dead.” What else is out there? I also watch “Big Bang Theory,” “Grey’s Anatomy” (not proudly), HIMYM and the Office (begrudgingly. When did these two get SO bad?), and “The Amazing Race” (I just can’t quit it).

Name some shows!


  1. says

    Ummm where is Mad Men on this list?? And did you ever watch Veronica Mars? If not, you need to borrow my DVDs (and SOAPNet has a marathon going on this weekend).

    • says

      Mad Men is not on her list because it sucks. 😛 I still haven’t finished season 1. I am close tho! 2 episodes left maybe? Read 20 pages of HP yesterday which should make you happy enough to forget I said something bad about Mad Men. hee.

      • says

        I know that I SHOULD put Mad Men on my list. I tried Season 1 when it first started airing and just couldn’t get into it. But it’s probably worth another shot.

        But yes, reading Harry Potter is ALWAYS recommended. I actually almost bought the companion book to the Harry Potter series at a yard sale today — it was like a dictionary/glossary of magic, creatures, etc. And then I realized just how dorky that was and bought myself a dress that has no shot of fitting instead. Win?

    • says

      Veronica Mars has been on my list of shows to watch forever and I’ve just never gotten around to it. And aren’t there a lot of Lebowski references in there? I thought I read somewhere once that the writer was a huge Lebowski fan and hid some references throughout the series. If it’s not on Netflix, I may hit you up for the DVDs.

      And Man Men? I want to want to watch it. Maybe if I get desperate enough one of these days. The first couple I saw just didn’t do much for me. But my appreciation of Jon Hamm has certainly grown in the past few years, so it’s probably worth a shot for that reason alone!

      • says

        Mad Men slowly grew on me. It definitely wasn’t an instant love. There was this episode in the 2nd (or 3rd?) season when JFK got shot and it was like we were really there watching it all happen and that’s when I realized how awesome the show is. Watching Don Draper’s downward spiral is heartbreaking but like trainwreck. Jon Hamm is SO GOOD. And I love Elizabeth Moss too.

        Also – I can’t believe I didn’t recommend Supernatural! Yes, the show is on the CW, but it involves 2 hot guys (Jensen Ackles is hotter – let’s make that clear) and it’s witty. The last two seasons have been “eh” but the first 5 were stellar. This comes from someone who initially did not want to watch them. And if you never watched Gilmore Girls you must watch that show too. And I just added Friday Night Lights to my list. Heard that one was good…. I *heart* TV.

    • says

      I can appreciate that feeling after Lost ended. I was so bummed for so long (and the ending didn’t help).

      I may give Mad Men another shot. Glad to hear you’re still with it after one season. I watched a couple from season 1 a couple years ago and gave up. It’s probably worth trying again.

  2. says

    I’m about to start Season 2 of Breaking Bad but I had to finish up House of Lies first. Haven’t seen Downton Abbey yet but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t like it. Period stuff doesn’t really do it for me. Or old people. And that seems to have both. But yeah, haven’t heard one person say it was bad either. And I still need to see P&R. I’m gonna watch that since you recommend it. Plus, I’m pretty sure I’ll love Rob’s character on there.

    I will not however, forgive you for Grey’s Anatomy. That show is terrible. Season 4 – Christina in the hospital with an icicle lodged in her abdomen…that they have to surgically remove….because icicles don’t melt? COME ON. *punches Shonda Rhimes*

  3. Chris says

    Another vote for Mad Men, I am totally addicted. I like the story, the characters and the attention to detail is so fun!

    Did you watch Pushing Dasies when it was on? I loved that show…

    Also, do your laptop and TV have HDMI cable ports? If so, you can just connect them to one another and viola! watch what is on your laptop on the TV, saving you from having to pay for Hulu+. And don’t be fooled by HDMI cables in stores, they overcharge like crazy. You can get a way better deal at

  4. says

    I’m going through Downton Abbey withdrawal & it’s not pretty. I recently discovered Sherlock Holmes, another PBS series — AWESOME. It’s only 3 episodes long (very long episodes) but very well done. Also watched Great Expectations on PBS, 2 eps, loved it. What can I say? I’m a sucker for period pieces!

    I haven’t watched Game of Thrones yet but it’s on the list as soon as I’m done w/ this semester. Wee!

  5. says

    I am watching episode 1 of Downton Abbey right now. Now I am hooked! I really don’t need another show, but what’s a girl to do? I don’t watch “TV” much. I DVR Judge Judy because she is AWESOME. I love my Hulu Plus. My watch list: Once Upon A Time, GBC and Lipstick Jungle.

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